RIT For Kids - Contemplative Therapy For Young Children On The Autism Spectrum (Ages 5-12) RIT is a contemplative therapy to build emotional resilience and self-acceptance

Delightful and engaging, this whimsical story of an autistic child's typical school day is told through four child characters. From waking to going to sleep, each pair of pages explores a particular theme, based on those within the original RIT model: Meditation and the Mystery of Self, Beginning the Journey, Autistic Awareness, Self-Esteem, Building Emotional Resilience, Removing the Mask, Autism and the Ego, The True Self, The Healing of Memories, and Self and Service; tailored to the child’s understanding.

The gentle simplicity of the narrative teaches the simple practice of mantra meditation, which affirms the child’s way of being in the world.

This contemplative perspective allows the child to reveal who they are, rather than being told what they are or what they should be, honouring their unique perception of life.

RIT For Kids is designed as a therapy for the individual young child on the autism spectrum (ages 5-12), to be conducted within clinic by psychotherapists, counsellors and psychologists as a therapeutic programme of 10 consecutive sessions.

The story book is used in conjunction with comprehensive downloadable instructions.

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